About me

I am a theoretical physicist, born in Como (Italy) on July 14, 1979, who is interested in fundamental aspects of condensed matter and quantum information science.

After getting my High School degree in 1998 (maturità scientifica, 60/60), I studied Physics at the University of Insubria (Como, 1999-2003), where I also received my master degree (110/110 cum laude). My undergraduate research program was focused on quantum chaos and simulatability of complex systems with quantum computers (under the supervision of Prof. Giulio Casati and Dr. Giuliano Benenti).

My doctoral studies took place at Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa, 2004-2006), supervised by Prof. Rosario Fazio. During my PhD work, I focused on one-dimensional quantum many-body systems, mostly dealing with numerical methods for their study.

After the PhD defense in 2007 (70/70 cum laude), I spent a couple of years at the International School for Advanced Studies (Trieste, 2007-2009), working on out-of-equilibrium dynamics and sudden quenches in one-dimensional quantum systems.

I subsequently came back to Scuola Normale Superiore, and worked there first as a research fellow, in the context of the FP7-ICT European project SOLID  (2010-2012), and later as a junior researcher (RTDA, 2013-2016). At that time, I was the principal investigator of a 3-year project (FIRB – Futuro in Ricerca 2012) granted by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, named ARTIQUS – Probing Novel Phases of Matter with Artificial Quatum Simulators. During the period 2010-2016, I was part of the condensed matter & quantum information theory group @ SNS.

Since January 2017, I became a senior researcher (RTDB) in theoretical physics at the Physics Department, University of Pisa. I work in the context of the Pontecorvo Area, in the Pisa Theory Group, in close contact with researchers coming from University and INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics).